Sea Kayak in Chilean Patagonia

Patagonia is a land that remains wild, and it offers a unique environment to the kayakers and adventurers that come to visit it. We invite you to know our backyard; we will put our experience and the best equipment so you can always remember your trip through the Patagonian fjords.

Here are our programs

Kayak rio Grey patagonia chile

River Grey Full day

How about to sail between tempanos and to lower the river fed by Glacier Gray in towers of the Paine National ParkMore info...

Kayak rio serrano patagonia chile

Serrano River 2 days

An adventure that starts in towers of the Paine National Park, and ends on Bernardo O´higgins National Park. With views to the Paine Massif, pristine forests and glaciers, just some of the many attractions of this program.More info....

Kayak Río Grey + Río Serrano patagonia chile

River Grey + River Serrano 3 days

Mixing two adventures: navigation on the Grey River and Serrano River. The adventure includes tempanos, camping, descent of rivers, glaciers and we will finish with a traditional Magallanes roasted lamb.More info...

Sea kayak glaciar tyndall patagonia chile

Tyndall Glacier 3 days

With a little more effort you can enjoy of the beautiful colors of the river and lake Tyndall, this program also begins in Torres del Paine and ends on Bernardo O´higgins National Park, if you want to paddle near to a glacier, this is your program. More info...

sea kayak lago azul patagonia chile

Tyndall Glacier + Blue Lake 4 days

A paddling through the Patagonian fjords is added to the tyndall glacier program, where you can see waterfalls, mountains and all the surrounding of the Blue Lake, kayaking experience is recommended. More info...

Sea kayaking and iceberg

The Ice route 4 days

Is a program specially made for experts that are willing to give their best effort to get to a lake filled with icebergs.More info...

sea kayak close the glaciar

Ice route + Blue lake 5 days

You shouldn’t let pass by the chance to paddle a little more through the Patagonian fjords… program for experts.More info...

sea kayak en canal de las montañas patagonia chile

Canal de las montanas mothership 5 days

You’ll get to know several glaciers in a fjord between mountains, enjoying of comfort nights in the rooms of a mothership. Kayaking experience is recommended. More info...

fiordo Peel patagonia chile

Peel fjord Mothership 7 days

In this place there is a concentration of big glaciers, if you visit it, for sure you will want to come back. Kayaking experience is recommended. More info...

Canal de Las Montañas

Canal de las montanas 10 days

An expedition that is recommended to those who are willing to feel the waves and wind of Patagonia, several glaciers are visited and a lot of improvisation is used to get to the camping sites.More info...

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